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for those that Serve Spirit
through the Light of Love

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Lily Dale Assembly

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The Mediums' League was
founded circa 1945.
   The object of this Association is for the promulgation of the Religion of Spiritualism and the demonstration of mediumship.
   To join together, to discuss and consider such questions and problems as we may encounter in our service to the Assembly and visitors upon the grounds;
   To assist the developing mediums in the practice of mediumship;
   To elevate the presentation of mediumship to its highest possible level, intellectually, morally and              spiritually; 
and To protect the interest and well-being of its members.
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Medium's Day Events
August 11, 2018

      2:30 Service
Lecture by ML President
Eileen McClure
Messages by ML members

7-10pm Annual Fundraiser Night
Lily Dale Auditorium
Local Authors, crafts, handmade jewelry, clothing,
sweetgrass baskets, auctions items, baskets, & refreshments
Free Admission

We are thrilled to announce and welcome Mary Czpar & Molly Hastings as our newest Registered Mediums for the 2018 Lily Dale Season. Well done and welcome to your both!